12 benefits of drawing

12 benefits of drawing

There are many benefits of drawing and they are not only for artists. Here are the 12  top benefits that drawing brings to you.

1. It is fun!

Drawing is fun!  When something is fun, it gets done more often. Just like learning any activity, there is a learning curve but drawing is a learnable skill. Once you learn to draw even fairly ok, you will enjoy the process of drawing and who doesn’t like fun? I’m sure you do.

2. Builds our decision-making ability

We make a lot of decisions conciously and unconsciously when we are drawing. Some of them are, what to draw, what to leave out, how hard should we press the pencil, at what angle do we draw this line, which part of the drawing should be drawn first, which area of drawing needs to be emphasized more and so on. This builds our decision making capability by the sheer practice of it. This improved decision-making ability helps us in other aspects of our life.

3. Helps solve problems

Once we draw different aspects of a problem on paper we see the contributing factors more clearly. The interconnections between the factors, their context, their relative importance and the scope of the problem become more evident. All this information that was hidden earlier comes to fore and we can take better-informed decisions.

4. Helps you to remember better

Multiple scientific studies have proved that when we draw or doodle anything, we remember those things better. A major reason behind this is that to draw, we need to synthesize the information that we hear and see and create a drawing that represents the information. This process sort of embeds the information and creates more connections and associations in our brain. These associations help us remember things better.

5. Develops observation skill

It is said that a good drawing is a faithful copy of the subject. Observation is the foundation of drawing. To improve your observation skill, you must practice it and drawing makes you practice it. Every normal human being can make a mark with a pencil on a paper but not everybody can draw well. The difference between them is their ability to observe.

6. Boosts self-esteem

Wouldn’t you feel more confident and good about yourself if you are able to draw well? This feeling boosts self-esteem. The more you draw, the better you get and higher is your self-esteem.
Drawing exercises Class - Mandar Marathe Fine Art

7. Reduces stress

Therapeutic benefits of art are well known. When you get engrossed in drawing activity, you get temporarily cut off from outside world and get in the state of zen. It is like active meditation and this helps in reducing stress.

8. Develops the whole brain

Drawing is a right brain activity. Subjects like maths, science and languages are mainly the functions of left brain.  We learn a lot about them in our formal education system. Creativity, imagination, art and wholistic thinking are mainly the domain of right brain. As with any muscle that gets stronger with use, the right brain also gets stronger due to the activity of drawing.

9. Develops focus

Drawing requires extended periods of concentrated work. This practice builds our ability to focus on an activity. Focus is extremely important for meaningful progress and success in any activity. This ability is rare but a must-have in this fast paced world filled with constant distractions.

10. Helps you grow professionally

If you can draw well, you can communicate visually and more effectively. You will grab and keep the viewer’s attention longer.  Longer attention to what you are saying means you have a better chance of convincing your point to your audience. Isn’t that all marketing campaigns trying to do?

11. It is a universal language

Irrespective of what language they speak, all human beings recognize drawings. In fact, illiterate people also understand the language of drawings. Visual language is easier to understand. That’s the reason you see symbols or icons on mobile phones. Imagine a mobile device or a computer application without icons.

12. Drawing is human

Every child draws. Our job is just to continue or relearn to draw because it is our nature. Self-expression is a human need and drawing is an easy way to do that.

I am sure everyone wants to have more fun,  communicate more effectively, take better decisions, be more focused, get better results professionally and feel more human. So, drawing is good for everyone.

Keep drawing!

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