Artist's Photo - Mandar Marathe

About me

Hi! Nice to see you here!

My name is Mandar Marathe and I make paintings, sculptures, conduct workshops and create online art courses.

Though I have been creating and exhibiting art since childhood, I became a full-time artist in 2011 after 16 years of a corporate career in the engineering and IT sector. My paintings are in the personal and corporate collections in 8 countries and in the last 8 years, 11000+ students have attended my workshops and online art courses.

Exhibitions Summary:

I have exhibited my paintings and sculptures in 5 solo and 6 group exhibitions in Goa and Pune, India.

Workshops and Online courses:

  • Conducted 100+ workshops in my studio, IT companies and schools in Pune & Mumbai and 2500+ people attended
  • Created 30+ online courses and these have been taken by 8500+ people from 69+ countries

Corporate Collections of my paintings:

1. Siemens Ltd, Goa
2. L & T Infotech Ltd, Pune
3. Infosys BPO Ltd, Pune

Private Collections of my paintings:

1. Mrs. & Mr. Juergen Sitzmann, Greece
2. Mr. Simon, Nigeria
3. Mrs. & Mr. Nielsen, USA
4. Ms. Godbole, Pune
5. Mrs. & Mr. Phadke, Pune
6. Mrs. & Mr. Umarani, Pune
7. Mrs. & Mr. Joshi, Pune
8. Mrs. and Mr. Pethkar, Pune
9. Mr. Kudal, Pune
10. Dr. Prayag, Pune
11. Mr. Desai, UK