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Art is for the rich & famous… not true!!

This is a guest post by Anup Gore

Growing up, I had always viewed the original artwork as something ONLY rich and famous people had. A misconception engraved in us since childhood!! We don’t need to be art geeks visiting art studios and gallery shows to understand and appreciate the work, nor do you require mansions to hold artworks. Your beautiful apartment home/office cabin is very much capable of displaying art and getting appreciated by your friends/colleagues.  You can start off by having simple landscapes and grow along to complex, abstract art forms.     Along with owning art, you can also use them as a brilliant gifting idea. Art can be a wonderful gift for any occasion. It’s quite a compliment that you thought enough of that person that you ventured into the art buying territory. But you need to consider some points when you buy art for yourself or as gifts.

Stay Small

It’s easier for someone to live with and find that perfect place for a small-sized piece of art. Be it on a wall, by a bedside corner, or an office table.


Don’t get caught up with being too particular the subject. Try to consider a beautiful landscape or something that appeals to everyone.

Frame it!

If you give somebody art that is not ready to display, that can be irritating, usually ending up in a drawer. Don’t fall for the custom framing thought; you might end up spending more on the frame than the artwork itself. A ready-made frame available online or a photo studio near you will serve the purpose.

Buy directly from the artists

Buying art directly from artists means that you are supporting the artist and keeping his art-making happening. Also, beautiful original art doesn’t have to be expensive. Often, it costs no more than you’d spend on a jacket at the mall or a dinner at a nice restaurant. It is time you start changing the ‘poster’ frames adorning walls in your home, office or at the business premise you run, with original pieces of art. And no, you don’t need to think of buying originals from top-notch artists you usually see or read about. There are a host of good artists making interesting work out there. Most of these artists are into art sales to keep their passion alive & running and not merely for the rich dividends.

One such artist is a friend Mandar, an engineer by education, who after being in corporate service for 16 years has become a full-time artist and sculptor since 2011. Do visit mandarmarathefineart.com for more details on him and also check his range of original artworks available from Rs 3100/-. So go ahead and turn your home/office/business premises into a mini-gallery. You’ll be bringing more beauty into your life, and the art community will thank you for it.

About the Author: Anup Gore lives in Margao, Goa and has spent 15 years in corporate service and 2 years in academics. Currently, he is a freelance consultant in CRM, Data Science and Content Creation.

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