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Mandar Marathe Fine Art

Painting The Same Scene In Oil Vs Watercolor

22 Feb 2019 07:43 PM By mandar.marathe

This video is about painting the same scene in Oils and Watercolor. I demonstrate and talk about my approach to painting with these two mediums. I've used Oil colors in opaque fashion and watercolors in a transparent form.

Using Oil vs Watercolors!
In this video, I paint the same scene side by side in Oils and Watercolor and compare the painting methods in these mediums. Here are the differences in the way I use these painting mediums.

    Oil Painting
  • Paint dark areas first and then lighter ones.
  • No drying time in between layers.
  • No Layering of colors. Painted in Alla Prima or Premier Coup method.
  • Use opaque White color
  • Painting develops area by area.

    Watercolor Painting

    • Paint light areas first and then darker ones.
    • Drying time is allowed between layers.
    • Painted in Multiple layers of paint
    • Use white of the paper
    • Painting develops layer by layer.

      Watch the video below to actually see me paint and explain this in detail. 

      Happy Painting!


      P.S. Gouache is a lesser famous painting medium that has qualities of watercolor and oils. When painting with gouache, one can paint from dark to light and use opaque layering techniques from oil painting world and water mixability and transparency from the watercolor world. Interesting, isn't it? In fact I am planning to write a book titled Mastering Painting In Gouache. Here is how it will look.

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