Artists’ DIY – Make Oil Painting Panels Yourself

In today's video, I show you how I make these oil painting panels/boards myself. I also talk about the following advantages of making and using such boards. 1. Control on texture 2. Cost-effectiveness 3. Custom sizes 4. Easy to dry 5. Easy to ship
Making Oil Painting Panels At Home Using Hardboard And Gesso

Making your own oil painting panels has 5 major advantages

Oil paintings can be made on various surfaces and I’ve talked about it one of my earlier videos but gesso panels is one of my favorite surfaces to paint on.

1. Control The texture

You can make them highly textured or highly smooth and every level in between, depending on your preference and the type of painting you want to paint on them.

2. Cost-effectiveness

As you make them yourself, they turn out to be very cheap as compared to readymade ones. This saves you some money and you can paint more!

3. Custom Sizes

You can make them of exact sizes that you want and don’t have to be restricted to the standard sizes that market provides.

4. Easy To Dry

As we are using a board as the base, the paintings made on these panels are easy to dry as compared to paintings on lose canvas.

5. Easy To Frame and Ship

Framing these panels is easy and they don’t even need a sturdy backing as the board itself has enough strength. You can also ship them unframed without the fear of something poking through it during transit.

In today’s video, I show you how I make these panels myself. Some people also call them gesso panels or gesso boards.

Happy painting! 

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2 thoughts on “Artists’ DIY – Make Oil Painting Panels Yourself”

    1. In Pune, the cost of 4 feet by 8 feet mdf board varies from Rs. 350/- to Rs. 450/-. You do not need to buy a waterproof board if you plan to apply at least 2 coats of gesso on each side.

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