Flower painted in artrage app

Painting in Artrage app on iPad Pro

Painting in Artrage is a convenient way to paint in oil colors. I use the Artrage app on iPad Pro and not the desktop version of the application.

Though I do not find painting in it as easy as painting with real colors, it is a good alternative. The ease of painting in real oils is clearly attributed to years of experience of using real oil colors. On the other hand, I have been painting in Artrage only for a few months.

You can do a lot using layers and all conveniences of a digital medium but I prefer to use only 1 layer and keep the painting process as close to real oils as possible.

Today’s painting

Here is a painting that I did in Artrage today. It is still very rough and a lot more details can be added.

Flower painted in artrage app

I have recorded a script of this painting and with Desktop version of Artrage I can run the script and the app actually paints the painting again on a different sized canvas and at a different resolution, if you want. So, it is not a video clip but a painting being painted again! A nice feature that I haven’t seen in any other painting app so far.

Have a great weekend and draw or paint something. Don’t forget that art is made by the artist and not the tool he/she uses. So, use whatever tools you have and create art.

Happy Painting!

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