Painting The Same Scene In Oil Vs Watercolor

This video is about painting the same scene in Oils and Watercolor. I demonstrate and talk about my approach to painting with these two mediums. I've used Oil colors in opaque fashion and watercolors in a transparent form.
Oil Vs Watercolor

Using Oil vs Watercolors!

In this video, I paint the same scene side by side in Oils and Watercolor and compare the painting methods in these mediums. Here are the differences in the way I use these painting mediums.

Oil Painting

  • Paint dark areas first and then lighter ones.
  • No drying time in between layers.
  • No Layering of colors. Painted in Alla Prima or Premier Coup method.
  • Use opaque White color
  • Painting develops area by area.

Watercolor Painting

  • Paint light areas first and then darker ones.
  • Drying time is allowed between layers.
  • Painted in Multiple layers of paint
  • Use white of the paper
  • Painting develops layer by layer.

Watch the video below to actually see me paint and explain this in detail. 

Happy Painting!

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