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Artists’ DIY – Make Oil Painting Panels Yourself

Making Oil Painting Panels At Home Using Hardboard And Gesso

In today’s video, I show you how I make these DIY oil painting panels or boards myself. I also talk about 5 advantages of making and using such boards. 

In my post about Oil Painting Surfaces, I briefly talked about panels/boards that can be used for oil painting. Some people also call them gesso panels or gesso boards.

Advantages of making your own panels

1. Control on texture
2. Cost-effectiveness
3. Custom sizes 
4. Easy to dry 
5. Easy to ship

Happy painting! 

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Oil Painting Surfaces

Oil Painting Surfaces Video Mandar Marathe

In today’s video, I talk about various Oil Painting Surfaces that you can use to create your artwork.

So, if you paint with oil colors or are considering it, this video is for you. 

These surfaces can be broadly classified into three categories, fabric, hard surfaces and paper. Each category of surfaces has many variants that offer different advantages and disadvantages.

Watch the video to know more.   

Happy Painting,