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Digital Oil Painting demo

Evening Drama - Oil Painting done in Artrage App on iPad
Happy Friday!

In this blog post, I am happy to share a Digital Oil Painting demo. I have used Artrage on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil for this painting.

Complete painting took me about an hour but I have sped up the video for a better viewing experience. So, sit back, enjoy the video but do not forget to paint something yourself this weekend.

This video is a part of my complete landscape painting course in real oil colors titled “Landscape Painting using oil colors”.

Keep making art,

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Benefits Of Daily Painting

Landscape painting of distant mountains and river water flowing through sandy banks.

I try painting a new painting daily and each one is a great learning experience.

After I started painting small and almost daily, I came to know about “a painting a day” movement and it appealed to me. Here are a few reasons for that. 

*** See My Daily Paintings Here ***

Abstract painting painted mainly in purple and white colors suggesting reflections of lights on a seashore.

 Pushing the envelope, 6 x 8, oil on canvas

1. Available Time

I started painting small when I was still in a full-time job in IT industry. So I only had weekends to paint. Coming back to a half-done painting was not so appealing and so painting small was a better option.

2. Inspiration

I was inspired by the “a painting a day” movement which was started by artist Duane Keiser. It appealed to me as I would potentially have a finished painting at the end of each day I got to paint.

3. Easy to store

At that time I did not have a dedicated studio for painting and so painting small was more realistic than painting big canvases.

Still Life painting showing top view of three pieces of freshly cut sapodilla and their shadows on a grey background.

Tropical Sapodilla, 6 x 8, oil on canvas

4. Less mental involvement

If I mess up a big canvas I feel worse than when I mess up a small canvas. Mistakes happen and then you need to either wipe the canvas or totally throw it away. It’s all less painful with smaller canvases.

5. Experimentation

The initial investment in the canvas, paints and time is small for small paintings and so I feel more willing to experiment with them and try new ways of working. Experimentation is the key to artistic growth.

6. Easy to sell

It is easy for art buyers to buy smaller paintings due to their smaller price tag.

7. They are bought as gifts

Small paintings are easy to give as gifts to friends, family, clients and so on due to an affordable price tag.  This results in more sales and who doesn’t like that?

Landscape painting of distant mountains and river water flowing through sandy banks.

River Kosi, 6 x 8, oil on canvas

8. Easy to ship

Small paintings can be easily shipped in an envelope. Shipping charges are also more affordable. 

If any of these reasons resonate with you, start painting small, more often and see if it’s right for you.
To get some inspiration, see my Daily Paintings here

Happy Painting!

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Painting on location

Painting En plein air - on location -Mandar Marathe

Plein air painting simply means painting on location, outside the studio. Such paintings are mostly landscapes, for obvious reason. Let’s get to know more about this method.

There are basically two environments in which any artist paints. Indoors, where light, wind and temperature can be controlled to a reasonable extent and outdoors where the elements dictate the weather conditions.

Producing a good painting is challenging even with all right conditions and all the time available in the studio. The level of challenge goes up when doing the same on location. Additional challenges in painting on location are:

1.  Time is limited when painting on location

You can spend only a limited amount of time on location. You need rest, you need food and water and there is no cozy seating available there. Though you can return back to the same spot day after day to complete the painting, it is a rare possibility.

2. Weather conditions are not in control

The main thing that an artist needs to paint is good light on the subject and the canvas. Light changes every minute of the day but the painting needs to capture only a moment in time. After all, it is not a movie to show the passage of time. This shifting light makes it difficult for the artist to paint the light and correctly capture the color.

3. Distractions are more when you are painting on location

You can lock yourself up in your studio till you are painting is done but there is no such luxury on location. Spectators, onlookers and suggestion givers can create a lot of distractions to an artist.

Then there are other challenges such as bugs, wild animals, theft and so on.

However, there are also lots and lots of advantages of painting on location. Let us look at few of those.

1. The actual scene is a lot better than a photo. It’s in 3D

You can experience the place with all your senses. This gives more authenticity to the painting created there.

2. You learn to be quick

Due to limited time, you learn to be quick in making the decisions about your composition, colors to use and so on. You may not always come back with a good painting but you learn a lot faster.

3. You get all benefits of being out in open

If you love being outdoor, on location painting can be a good excuse to get out and feel the breeze. You can take lots of photos too which can be the source for your future paintings. Experiencing a place in person and looking at a photo clicked by someone else are two totally different things and that shows in the painting you do.

4. You get to meet people and develop friendships

Even if you are just a beginner, you’ll be looked upon by the spectators as an “artist” and that boosts your confidence. Painting, while others are watching you, takes courage and you should congratulate yourself for taking the courageous step.
Most of the times the onlookers are ready to help if you need anything. You also have a chance to make them fans of your art.

5. Learning from other artists

Though you can go and paint alone, painting on location with fellow artists is even more beneficial. You can go where you wouldn’t go alone, learn from each other, share experiences and learn to solve problems together. There is also a friendly competition that helps you in painting better.

I am not (yet) a frequent on location painter but want to be one.  Want to join me?

Here are two photos from my recent on location painting.

Mandar Marathe- painting en plein air

Mandar Marathe- Painting on location

“Remaining-River”, Watercolor-on-paper, Mandar Marathe – Painting on location